Most business owners are always on the lookout for ways to increase store traffic, sales, and, most important, profits. A. J. Wholesale has developed exceptional programs to do just that.


105% Trade Program
One of our really popular options is how to deal with scrap gold. Most retailers who have limited access to scrap gold are at a competitive disadvantage. Many times, these retailers are forced to settle for lower than desirable percentages of Spot prices. A. J. Wholesale will pay 105% of Spot Gold Prices when the proceeds are used to purchase inventory from our selection. To add convenience, you can choose new merchandise immediately or allow your credits to build for larger acquisitions.


Stock Balancing
Every retailer knows how frustrating it is to see slow-moving, or worse, non-moving, merchandise languishing in the counter. You see it every morning when you put it out and every evening when you put it away. A.J. Wholesale addresses that problem better than any other wholesaler, anywhere. Some are willing to trade merchandise with you, but they always want a ratio favorable to them. In many cases that ratio is 2:1. We believe when we take care of our customers, our customers will take care of us through continued loyalty and increased purchases. That’s why our stock balancing ratio is 1:1…dollar-for-dollar! That means you can go ahead and get those intriguing pieces you’ve been wanting. If, for some reason, they don’t sell, you know you have a safety net and can trade them for items that fit your customer base. Simply keep our tags on the items and return them in original condition. What could be more fair?


Some jewelers choose to not buy used jewelry, citing image concerns or issues with customers who might receive an offer lower than their expectation. Others see items that don’t quite fit their market or customer base for resale. A. J. Wholesale solves these concerns by acting as a third party conduit so independent jewelers can participate in this very worthwhile market. We take all the risks, provide all the manpower, conduct every evaluation, and protect the jeweler at all times.


Most retailers are pleasantly surprised when they begin asking customers if they have unwanted jewelry items they would like to either sell or trade for something new and exciting.


Attracting business is easy. Our seasoned and experienced staff will help you make the best decisions on asking for business, whether through in-store promotion or external advertising. Our methods are time-proven and they work. We provide brochures that explain the program to your customers and counter top signs to generate customer inquiries.


As an A. J. Wholesale partner, customers will bring items to you. Simply ship these items to us for a guaranteed offer within 24 hours of receipt. Once the customer accepts the offer, A. J. Wholesale will overnight a check to you. If they decline the offer, we ship the jewelry back to you overnight at our expense. For the retailer, it’s all upside with no downside at all. A. J. Wholesale does all the heavy lifting, including expert evaluations and assuming all risks.

Profit Builders